Thursday, June 23, 2005

Secret Pal Gifts!

Look what I got in the mail yesterday!
Lorna's Laces of my very own! I'm making this up but I'm calling them "bone" colored. I think they're beautiful and they will be my first attempt at knitting socks with a cable pattern up the side. For some reason this color--bone--screams "Cable me." I don't know why. Also seen in this picture but maybe not prominently enough is a set of very cool and very beautiful beaded stitch markers. They are wonderful and will help mark my cables!
Thank you Secret Pal out there--you're so cool!
In other knitting news I've sort of forgotten about the "Summer of Lace" idea and moved onto what's truly going on in my life: The Summer of Socks. I finished my Koigu sock for my sister and have already cast on for the second. I have the second cuff completed for the pink socks for my other sister too so I'm fighting the single sock syndrome urge. It's hard though. I got up early this morning and if I wouldn't have gotten all distracted blogging I would have cast on a new one! Maybe I can holdoff just until I turn the heel on these two suckers...then again, I'm sorley tempted. We'll see how long I last with new Lorna's Laces tempting me! I give myself until about 5:30 tonight.
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