Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The reason so much knitting is getting done. Posted by Picasa

The beginning of Cory's Hat Posted by Picasa

Cory's finished hat... Posted by Picasa

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Saturday, July 16, 2005

I'm already on page 217, need I say more?

Harry Potter Night! Posted by Picasa

Yes, my knitting buddy Skylar and I went to not one but 2 major bookstores last night at midnight to secure our very own copies of HP and the Half Blood Prince. Mine I pre-ordered from Borders I don't know how many months ago and Barnes & Noble made Skylar wear a special bracelet to get her copy--the kind of bracelet that they give you at clubs and bars!
We both brought our knitting but ended up on the floor of the knitting section checking out various books and patterns. Believe it or not we didn't knit a stitch and the time until 12:00:01 flew by!
As I mentioned in the title of this post...I'm already a bit into the book. I arrived home at about 1am and didn't slip into bed until about 4am give or take. Anyway, I'm off! I've got some serious reading to do!

Oh I almost forgot...Skylar premiered her Lelah top and it was beautiful! SO cool! It's too bad you can't see it better in the pic, but it's in this great bright orange color that I envy her ability to wear...I must make one! Skylar you did such a brilliant job, I'm definitely inspired!
(Shoot...knitting or HP, knitting or HP...damn, HP comes 'round less than once a year!)

Thursday, July 14, 2005


Here it is! Pictures curtesy of my knitting buddy Skylar who I met up with at the Long Beach SnB tonight. I'm sure everyone thinks so but our group is the best...it's so diverse and everyone is so very cool and interesting! I live for Wednesdays!
Obviously I finished the tank and premiered it this weekend in Pasadena. I wore it Friday night too! It's one of the first pieces I've made for myself that I can actually wear even if I do wish I would have made it one size smaller. I made it size medium but probably should have gone with the small. But it drapes well and over all I am pleased.
Now all I have to do is get a better strapless!
X-back Front Posted by Picasa

X-back Back Posted by Picasa

X-back Dork

X back tank from knitty.com, knit on 24" Addi turbos #11 using Trendsetter's Dolcino ribbon color 118. Start date 5/21/05 finished 7/13/05. Any one need an extra ball of Dolcino?

Thursday, July 07, 2005

X-back Tank

This is a project that I haven't picked up in about 2 months. However, I just bought the new fall issue of Interweave Knits and figured that I should finish my summer projects before I work on my new fall items. It's going well, however the entire tank is done in seed stitch and that makes it take quite awhile. It's 104 stitches and that's a lot of seed stitch for 1 row. I'm just about to the arm holes and shaping for the bust however, so it should get interesting very soon.

Ribbon Xback Tank from Knitty Posted by Picasa

In other news I've turned the heels for both of the 2nd socks that I'm working on for my sisters. It's so cliche, however the 2nd sock is so much more boring than the 1st! And I'm working on 2 of them! All I want to do is cast on for a new pair but that eventual 2nd sock is starting to hold me back...I have until July 30th (sister #1's birthday) to finish one of the socks, so I do have a bit of a motivational deadline! Wish me luck!