Monday, June 06, 2005

I Found My Tribe

So I had a very big weekend--I:
1. Worked all day Saturday and missed the Yarn Lady Bag Sale (best sale of the year!)
2. Set a goal of giving all immediate family members socks this year for either birthday/Christmas.
3. Bought new sock yarn for my dad and mother-in-law to fulfil item 2.
4. Found out the tribe my Grandpa's Grandma came from--Abenaki--and saw her picture for the first time (I cried).
5. Found out that my best friend has Abenaki ancestory also--of course, she was already a member of my tribe, this just cements it.
6. Talked to a friend of mine, We'll call him Mr. Fitzgibbons, who just came back from the Peace Corps in Suriname. Hi Peter!
7. Heard from my Secret Pal! She sounds cool! I was also assigned a SP so I'm already thinking about some great ideas to suprise her with.
8. Told a few people about my blog!

The main thing that I didn't do:
1. Clean my house for my mother-in-law who arrives at midnight tonight.

I will remedy this by thinking about it ALL day and then coming home and cleaning frantically for about 2 hours before giving up on scrubbing the shower floor and sitting down for some Tivo'ed Law & Order and knitting. I've turned the heel and finished the gusset on my sister's Koigu socks and I'm on the home stretch. Her feet are 10 inches long so I'm in the home stretch, right? Depending on when I give up on cleaning I'll try to post some pictures of my WIPs tonight.