Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Emergency Broadcast System

So my MIL left and I was planning on writing a great entry here and we're in the middle of dinner listening to the radio in the background and all of the sudden the emergency broadcast system starts and it's not a test! They say something about a Tsunami warning and it happens so fast and they don't repeat themselves and we almost miss it. We hopped onto the and double-checked and it said there was a tsunami warning for the entire west coast and we live 2 blocks from the beach! So we grab a few things (phones, charger for phones, wallet, sweatshirt, knitting, and book about know, to have something to read just in case) and we're out of the house and on our way up the 605. It was probably 4 min. from the time we first heard the warning to us leaving the house. We headed to B's Grandma's house, which is about 20 miles inland and on top of a huge hill and started calling our friends who also live close to the beach. We were already out of there but I guess that warning sirens were going off in downtown Long Beach and some of our friends who didn't know what was going on were REALLY scared. I was frightened because my sister lives in Seattle and I couldn't get ahold of her at first and then she was just sleepy and said not to worry.
By the time we reached Grandma Jan's house they had just called off the tsunami warning, thank goodness, but we stayed for awhile and listened to the news for about an hour before we headed home. So all in all it was a very wierd night and by the time we got back home I was exhausted. It goes without saying that I'm so glad that everyone is safe and overall I think I'd give us and A for reaction time but a C for forgetting our toothbrushes. You'll note that I did not forget my knitting.
Long Beach SNB tonight, so probably not another post until tomarrow--and oh yeah--I've heard from my Secret Pal! More on this later...