Thursday, May 03, 2007


All sorts of un-labled and unidentified fiber that I've been spinning up in the in-between times and stolen minutes. The orange is the best I've made so far but I think the blue will soon surpass it as soon as it gets off the bobbin. I love the shine in it--the fiber must be some kind of blend...anyone know what might be causing it? Tencel? Just good quality wool??


Misty "The Kneedler" said...

Good job, Vickery! Both look really nice and I'm so glad you're finding a little time to spin here and there. The shine on the blue fibre could be from tencel or silk; or if it's a longstaple wool, just the wool itself. You can check for the staple length by pulling out some unspun fibres and see if they're more than 4" long. Longstaples wools are usually very coarse, also, so if your fibre is soft it's probably the silk or tencel. Have fun - can't wait to see it all spun up!

Thalia said...

I love blue things...and shiny things... mmmmm, yarn!!!