Saturday, April 21, 2007

Cashmere Cowl and Questionable Socks

My best friend Chrissy was the first person to give me special yarn for my birthday. It was cashmere and it was in the most perfect shade of pale green and I sat on it for about two years. The thought of knitting something with it was just to much--I didn't want to loose the anticipation of someday knitting with it!

I finally took the plunge and here it is as my version of the Cashmere Cowl in Last Minute Knitted Gifts. My gauge is different but it's her basic pattern without modification. It was amazing to knit with and worth the wait!

I'm having less success with these lace socks that I'm knitting for B's Grandma's birthday. I included the skeined yarn in this picture to show you how beautiful these socks SHOULD be but aren't. I think it's just the wrong marriage of pattern to yarn, but I'm too deep into it now and I'm going to have to finish them. I have to say, I'm really disliking the way the colors of the yarn are striping. I think it's just to much of an angular pattern for this yarn. (I'm enjoying the pattern itself and think it would look great in another type of more solid yarn.)
Oh well. Too late now!

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Thalia said...

Mmmm, cashmere! I have been snooping around eBay for secondhand cashmere sweaters, as frankly, they are far, far cheaper than I could knit them....

The cowl is lovely - the color is such a great seafoam, hazy baby leaf color. And it matches your sweater!

I think the socks look great - are you not happy with the wide stripes of beige/yellow?