Sunday, February 12, 2006


This picture is upside down!

I'm into the cableing and have run into a few dificulties. I read the chart wrong and will have 2 cables up the back instead of three but they're centered and look good, so I'm not going to mess with it!

I have figured out the problem so I can fix it on the front. This is just my own sweater! Not designed by Elsabeth Lavold alone, but more of a collaborative effort between she and I.

Please excuse the grainy pictures, I had to use my camera phone and email them to myself!

Friday, February 10, 2006

And we're off...but not like a shot.

Set cell phone alarm for 7:00.
Sleep through it because I forgot that I put my phone on vibrate.
Wake up with real alarmclock but not in time to knit and swatch for my E.L. sweater.
Wash dishes for Bryant in anticipation of annoying him with the Knitting Olympics and realize that I won't be able to make the bus and get to work on time.
Run for bus
Miss bus, await later bus.
Roll in to work and hope no one notices my tardyness
Consult expert knitter at work about my guage swatch. I am in fact, OFF GUAGE.
We decide this is not a problem b/c Bryant has a 40 inch chest and the smallest size EL has to offer is 43.5 inches.
Work through lunch hour so I can take my break at 1:45
Grab a sandwich and head over to Yerba Buena Gardens to cast on!
Cast on (129 sts) and knit first row.
Frog first row and cast on because I have mis-understood the chart. This is my first time reading a chart and it's showing.
Finish casting on (129 sts, again) double-count everything and realize that I will be late getting back to work if I don't leave now.
Realize that I forgot my keycard and have to go around the block to other non-keycard entrance.
Late for work. Hope no one notices.
Wonder about chart, realize I may get 4 inches into this sweater and have to frog back.
Pass out.
Just kidding.
Arrive home, try again.
Get 2 rows into pattern and realize another mistake.
RIIIIIIP back, again.

Give up, decide to go "out." The sweater will have to wait for tomorrow. I cannot cast on for the 4th time in one day.

I will arise again tomorrow from this terrible spill like Eddie the Eagle, I swear.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Countdown to Shame

So I'm going to try to knit a sweater for Bryant (40 in chest) in 16 days for the Knitting Olympics. It is an Elsabeth Lavold pattern that has cables and will be knit with Rowan Calmer in a lovely shade of brown. I am not exactly expecting to finish, but I think I will be taking a huge bite out of the sweater...and who knows. Maybe I will be able to finish the thing. It just seemed like a better idea last week when I was tipsy and surfing blogland and decided to finally email the Yarn Harlot. Today it's a bit daunting!
I still cannot find my cord that connects my camera to the computer and I haven't been to the computadoraria yet, so I have no pictures for you!
Know only that if my camera was working, I would be showing you a lovely swatch that appears to me to be on-guage.
I've been proven wrong about this before though...

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Go Jen and LB Stitch and Bitch!
I'm so proud! I miss you guys terribly!