Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Countdown to Shame

So I'm going to try to knit a sweater for Bryant (40 in chest) in 16 days for the Knitting Olympics. It is an Elsabeth Lavold pattern that has cables and will be knit with Rowan Calmer in a lovely shade of brown. I am not exactly expecting to finish, but I think I will be taking a huge bite out of the sweater...and who knows. Maybe I will be able to finish the thing. It just seemed like a better idea last week when I was tipsy and surfing blogland and decided to finally email the Yarn Harlot. Today it's a bit daunting!
I still cannot find my cord that connects my camera to the computer and I haven't been to the computadoraria yet, so I have no pictures for you!
Know only that if my camera was working, I would be showing you a lovely swatch that appears to me to be on-guage.
I've been proven wrong about this before though...

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