Wednesday, August 10, 2005

New Girl on the Block!


Her Close-up! Posted by Picasa

I swear she took cute kitten lessons before she arrived. This picture looks far away (see the IK acorn top in the background?) but it's about the only time she was off my lap or chest. She's so cuddly and purr-y!
She also is very adventurous. She was checking every nook and cranny of our apartment out, one room at a time and doing cutekitten stuff like using the kitchen chair legs as an obsticle course (kitty boot camp!) and sitting in all of my baskets and looking back out at me (intensely cute...I now need even more baskets!)

We're still up in the air about her name...getting to know her and all. Suggestions anyone?
We're looking at:
& Butterscotch!
(Just kidding on that last one, but she is cute enough for it!)

I don't want to go to work today, I just want to play with my new little buddy!


Skylar said...

I like Tink and Joplin...

Secret Pal said...

She's adorable! I have no idea what you should name her, though. I'm glad the package arrived and that you liked it. There will be one more on its way to you, probably some time next week.

Anonymous said...

hey, RHPS is Sat. Midnight.

lucyerickson58758066 said...
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