Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Intense S.E.X.

(Stash Enhancement eXpedition)

This is what $200 looks like Posted by Picasa

So after a weekend of serious and hard work I had today off and I'm feeling much better and I ended up venturing out...Purl Soho's internet warehouse...I love that place. All natural fibers, beautiful colors, and it alwayt feels like you're treasure hunting there since it's not a "real" store. (Though I still think it's better than any other store within driving distance from here.)
Christmas presents and presents for me...I bought my first set of Lantern Moon DPN's (that one's obviously for me). I'm excited to cast on another pair of Christmas Socks with them!

I can't resist the Koigu KPPPM and I added a few skeins of that to my collection and I bought some Blue Sky Alpaca for my sister Jack--she was eyeing the cute bags on the cover of Last Minute Knitted Gifts (also from Purl Soho). I think I'll put my Sister Socks in them when I finish for her birthday.

I'm looking forward to being finished with the crutches and to my SnB tomarrow night...though my injury has definitely caught me up on my knitting. I'm almost done with the last sleeve for Bryant's "Secret Agenda Sweater" and then it's off to finishing school! (My least favorite part!)

P.S. My other sister, Jess, loved her Sister Socks--which arrived before her birthday--and they fit!!