Thursday, July 07, 2005

X-back Tank

This is a project that I haven't picked up in about 2 months. However, I just bought the new fall issue of Interweave Knits and figured that I should finish my summer projects before I work on my new fall items. It's going well, however the entire tank is done in seed stitch and that makes it take quite awhile. It's 104 stitches and that's a lot of seed stitch for 1 row. I'm just about to the arm holes and shaping for the bust however, so it should get interesting very soon.

Ribbon Xback Tank from Knitty Posted by Picasa

In other news I've turned the heels for both of the 2nd socks that I'm working on for my sisters. It's so cliche, however the 2nd sock is so much more boring than the 1st! And I'm working on 2 of them! All I want to do is cast on for a new pair but that eventual 2nd sock is starting to hold me back...I have until July 30th (sister #1's birthday) to finish one of the socks, so I do have a bit of a motivational deadline! Wish me luck!