Monday, October 29, 2007

The parade of small FO's

I've actually finished the mittens now, they're a gift for my mom whose initials are EBF...In the upper picture we have two socks without mates, two hats, two pairs of fingerless mitts, and hopefully the beginning of me blogging again. I don't have a single sweater on the needles right now, an odd condition for me, but I haven't been knitting all summer so I suppose I'm just starting with the small stuff.
I just got an amazing package in the mail courtesy of my good buddy Kasia, and I've been swatching for a luscious scarf all day. I think I've picked a good stitch pattern and I can't wait to wear it---it's a beautiful day today, but it's getting colder here. I'm wearing my long underwear almost every day now.
Hopefully I'm back on track ladies and gentlemen!


SandraD. said...

Those mittens for your mother are just wonderful! I am glad to hear that you are 'back on the yarn wagon' . Whew, I was beginning to worry!
Hope all is well in your world...
Miss you!
Sandra D from sunny So.Cal.

Misty The Kneedler said...

Vickery - it's so good to see you blogging again, and the progress you've made over a busy, busy summer! The mittens for your mom are beautiful!

Thalia said...

It's nice to see you again! Sometimes smaller knits are the way to go, I'm sure the sweater urge will come again. :)

Carol said...

Just popping over from your comment on my blog. I was hoping to see your Pieces of Eight quilt.

And those mittens are beautiful!


Viking Jenn said...

Hey Vic,
Tag, you're it! Wanna play a little game? Check my blog for more info!