Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A Quick Knit

Another FO from LMKG. I cast on for this sweater on Saturday afternoon and cast off Sunday evening. I weaved in ends, did a little stitch grafting and added bead/buttons yesterday and it's finished!

This is knit from Jaeger Tweed DK (I'll get the exact yarn info and re-post later) on 24in Addi circs and Brittany DPNs for the sleeves. I love the seed stitch edges the most and the bead buttons which I just happened to have in my other stash. The sweater is knit entirely in the round from the bottom-up with the sleeves knit seperately and then joined at the bottom of the arm-hole. The entire sweater is then joined together on one circular needle. While I know this is a very common technique for raglan sweaters, it's the first time I've tried it for myself and I really enjoyed the construction and how quickly it came together. I would definitely recomend this knit to anyone who is knitting for a wee-bebe and short on time.

This sweater is for my DH's co-worker. It will be a girl...(it?? I'm such a dork) and born sometime next month. B is very close to this guy and so he "commissioned: me to knit this sweater. He picked out the pattern, yarn and buttons and will deliver it to the soon-to-be-new-dad-to-be on Monday.

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