Sunday, September 18, 2005

My Super Secret Pal Who's Not So Secret Anymore

Before I left for my very sad trip to Baltimore, look at what I got in the mail:

My Superior Secret Pal! You Rock! Posted by Picasa
(Notice Sake's thirst for good yarn.)
It's three skeins of Classic Elite's Miracle, and in my favorite color, of course! Thank you so much my friend, you've been an exemplary Secret Pal and I don't deserve you! Your suprise package certainly helped me through the week!
Well, even though I was away for awhile and I'm only now catching up on my sleep, knitting certainly has a way of taking the edge off. Picking up a sock just makes me feel better even if I can only finish one row before I have to move on to other things.
Between the comfort knitting gives me and the connections and friends I've made I have to say, Thank Goodness I Became A Knitter!

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Skylar said...

I do hope that our chat last night helped and although there wasn't much knitting, I hope it was therapeutic, just the same...I love ya, lady!